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Scarab Beetle Handmade of White Alabaster with Egyptian Amulet Ornaments (3.5 H, 2.5 W, 1 L inch)

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Black Alabaster Scarab Artifact Handmade by Talented Egyptian Small Families (4 H, 3 W, 0.7 L inch)

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Blue Hand-Carved Egyptian Alabaster Scarab Beetle Engraved with Amulets (3 H, 2.5 W inch)

Scarab Beetle Handmade of White Alabaster with Egyptian Amulet Ornaments (3.5 H, 2.5 W, 1 L inch)

  • Purchase now this sacred ancient Egyptian scarab beetle antique, designed and handmade by talented Egyptian small families in Luxor.
  • Own a magnificent piece of art that not only serves as an awe-inspiring decor piece but also showcases the underappreciated talent of Egyptian craftsmanship in Luxor.
  • Decorate your home with an ancient Egyptian symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection just as the ancient Egyptians would have.
  • Unique collectable antique, perfect for lovers of ancient Egyptian mythology. A great addition to altars or as a one of a kind decor statement piece!
  • Scarab beetles were popular amulets and impressions seal in ancient Egypt.
  • Own your own beautifully-designed sacred scarab today, embellished with a beautiful array of fine details.
  • Dimensions: 9 H, 6.5 W, 2.5 L cm (3.5 H, 2.5 W, 1 L inch)
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This stunning scarab beetle sculpture is handmade from natural Egyptian alabaster. Alabaster was a highly-used material in Pharaonic times—used to make everything from small vessels to sculptures and tombs. Alabaster was used for a variety of different items, from small vessels to carry perfumes, to burial items, to sculptures and tombs. It was a highly-versatile material due to its soft and easily malleable texture as well as its natural white color with natural colored veins

The scarab beetle was one of the most significant religious symbols in ancient Egypt, associated with the mighty sun god, Ra.

The Egyptians viewed the scarab as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The beetle was associated closely with the sun god because it rolls large balls of dung to lay their eggs, a behavior that the Egyptians thought resembled the progression of the sun through the sky from east to west.

Its young were hatched from this dung ball. This was seen as an act of spontaneous self-creation, giving the beetle an even stronger link with the Ra’s creative force. The connection between the beetle and the sun was so strong that the sun god was thought to be reborn in the form of a winged scarab beetle every morning when the sun rises. As this young sun god, Khepri, rose in the sky, he brought light and life to the land.


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