Marble Brown Vintage Vase, handcurved of alabaster stones, Brown marble vase

Handmade Warm Amber Marble Alabaster Vase in Size Medium (19.5 H, 6.5 W, 8 L inches)

Colorful Alabaster handmade Anubis God Statue, Egyptian Dog Statue

Large Egyptian God Anubis with Jackal-Head Figurine, Handmade of Alabaster Stone (21 H, 6 W inches)

White Alabaster Vase, Handmade featuring Ancient Egyptian snake figure

Finely-Carved Elaborate Vase Handmade of White Alabaster (15 H, 11 W, 7.5 L inches)

Handmade Warm Amber Marble Alabaster Vase in Size Medium (19.5 H, 6.5 W, 8 L inches)

  • Purchase now this carefully-carved marble vase, completely handmade from alabaster stones by talented Egyptian craftsmen in Upper Egypt.
  • It has a magnificent marbling detail unique only to this vase.
  • This opulent and timeless vase will create a warm, ambient atmosphere in your home or office.
  • These vases are reminiscent of the ones ancient Egyptian decorated their homes and tombs with. They were a symbol of opulence and wealthy as they were only found in the houses of royalty.
  • Dimensions: The Vase sizes around 50 H, 17 W, 21 L cm (19.5 H, 6.5 W, 8 L inches)
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This rare vase is handmade of incredible white alabaster, designed with harmonious patterns.

By buying this handmade vase, you are supporting a small local art form in Egypt. These native artists infuse the authenticity of their cultural heritage into their handmade artistic products, which ensures the originality and uniqueness of each item we offer.

This vase is an expression of their love to the richness and beauty of their country’s history.

Oriental Alabaster is actually calcite which is much harder and more durable than stone, comparable to marble. This material was used extensively by the ancient Egyptians in the walls of temples, lining of tombs, and in vases and funerary vessels.

Purchase now this beautiful alabaster vase, made with great attention to detail and following in the traditions of the ancient Egyptians! It will be a beautiful central decor statement piece.

However, note that our pieced are fully handmade from A to Z for each piece to be truly one of a kind and made just for you! Thus, there may be a slight difference in the vase size.

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