About Swan Bazaar

Swan Bazaar is an online worldwide bazaar shop, founded in 2014 in Cairo, Egypt. It is an online platform in favor of folk art and cultural crafts, collected from different cities from all over the world. We are offering a wide range of products, including jewelry, antiques, carpets, and replicas.

Our online marketplace does not only bring the products you are looking for with the finest quality but the stories and the cultural value behind every piece of art we sell. Each one of our items has the original taste of its original city’s spirit. Starting from Egypt traveling to the four corners of the world, you will travel the world through our diverse cultural online shop.

Our Story

Swan Bazaar had started as an offline shop selling Egyptian folkloric pieces of jewelry, handicrafts, carpets, and home decoration products. We were selecting the best workshops to provide us the finest quality of products. Over years, Swan Bazaar has built a great reputation for the variety and the quality of our products.

In recent years, online shopping has tremendously grown worldwide. As new advanced techniques are used in e-commerce websites to feature information visually. The evolution of technology has made online shopping easier, smoother, and more accessible. Therefore, we started to cope with this era and to be present online.

Our online presence allows us to spread culture, art more and more. It helps us reach the four corners of the world and realize each one of our values effectively.

Our Values


We believe that culture is the way we get to explore the world, individually and collectively. It is as rich and diverse as the traditions that stand behind its making. It is a positive attachment to the creation of our arts and heritage. It is the expression of what and who we are as humans, communities, and nations. The quality of culture indicates the way we live and interact with the things around us. At a time of social and economic stress, the case for cultural knowledge is stronger than ever. As culture and arts are pathways to the soul of the world, we are supporting people from all over the world to generate art, culture, folk, and the knowledge of their ancestors.


As we care about social development, Swan Bazaar providers are some of the most talented local artisans and small families of each country. These indigenous artisans bring the authenticity of their cultural heritage through their handmade artistic products, which ensures the originality of each item we offer. In addition, the money spent to purchase any of our items goes directly to original native artisans and handcrafters. Therefore, your money is serving as fundraising and financial support for these small families’ projects.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Give a little love to our planet has been always a great mindset to follow. We are committed to changing the packaging industry to guarantee businesses and consumers minimize their environmental impact and ecological footprint with a persisting process of improvement. We care to help make a little difference towards a happier, less wasteful planet, with our holistic environmental approach. We are all about small acts of love and care that make the world a better place for everyone, every day.

Why us?

• Safety of payment
• 14 years of experience
• Originality of our products
• Door-to-door shipping
• Customize your own product
• Variety of products and materials