Swan Bazaar-wooden bowl

Large Handmade Wooden Bowl With Natural Wood Grain (8.6" W, 2.7" H)

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Rustic Wooden Plant Pot/Candle Holder That’ll Give a Warm Touch to Your Home (6.7" D, 3" H)

wooden salad bowl

Handmade Wooden Salad Bowl with Natural Wood Grain (8 W, 3.5 H inches)

Large Handmade Wooden Bowl With Natural Wood Grain (8.6" W, 2.7" H)

  • Simple wooden Bowl for sale is hand-made of Asersus wood by talented handicraftsmen in our workshops in the heart of bustling Cairo.

  • Asersus wood, one of the best types of wood in the world, is characterized by its durability and malleability in woodworking.
  • Items reminiscent of nature always keep us connected to the beauty and magic of the nature around us, including this simply bowl, embodying the raw spirit of the tree is was carved from.
  • Captures the pure, real color of the wood as the plate is only painted with a light coating for a glossy effect and to protect against any deterioration.
  • Multi-usage bowl, for serving fruits of fresh salad to your guests or your family in a vintage fashion.
  • Perfectly sized in 22 W, 9 H, 7 L Cm (8.6" W, 2.7" H)
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An elegant wooden bowl for sale can be used for serving a wide array of snacks, fruits or salads but with a special twist. It is hand-made of Asersus wood, native to Aswan and Kom Ombo in Upper Egypt. Asersus trees have very distinct features with the height of the tree being around 25 cm and the widest area about 180 cm. Asersus wood is characterized by its durability, beautiful colors and flexibility in transforming the raw wood into gorgeous, perfectly-smooth products that will last a lifetime.

This raw, all-natural bowl is made all by hand. The process is timely and arduous but in the end, you’re left with a stunning product. First, the freshly-cut trunks are left between two to four years to dry completely. Then, the dried out trunk and branches are trimmed by hand carefully until smooth. The trunk is then cut into slices of varying thickness and shaped into whatever the handicraftsmen desires to make. The final product is then painted with a glossy paint for a shiny finish and protection.

Before the first use, wash the bowl well with water and dish soap. To keep the bowl shiny and smooth, clean it with a piece of cotton and lemon essential oil.

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