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Charming Wooden Statue of God Maat

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Charming Wooden Statue of God Maat

  • Shop now Egyptian antiquities of God Maat. 
  • Beautifully crafted wooden statue of goddess Maat, who answered for Justice, Law, Harmony, the seasons and the cosmic balance 
  • Maat was the personification of Justice and Truth - Maat here is in her cow form, which is associated to Motherhood, but she was usually depicted as a beautiful woman 
  • Handmade statue crafted by Egyptian artisans 
  • 100% Egyptian product - The fantastic decorative item for rustic or vintage home decor style
  • Dimensions: 75cm X 30cm X 20cm "
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This is a charming wooden statue of God Maat, the goddess of Justice and Truth. She is depicted here as a cow, even though she was more commonly depicted as a beautiful young woman. The cow represents Motherhood. This decorative item is an assertive choice for vintage-lovers or ambiances in rustic decor style.
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