Deluxe Islamic Arabesque Designed Box inlaid with Mother of Pearls, Egyptian Jewelry Box, Front image

Deluxe Arabesque Islamic wooden box, hand-made, Inlaid with mother of pearl (Square/Cream Liner)

Front Image, Islamic Arabesque wooden box, hand-crafted and inlaid with real precious mother-of-pearl, Egyptian Mother-of-pearl inlaid box

Deluxe Oriental Mother Of Pearl Jewelry Box 100% Handmade

Black painted arabesque antique plate handmade of wood and inlaid with mother of pearls, Arabesque antique plate

Handmade Wooden Decorative plate, hand-inlaid with rare precious mother of Pearl shell

Deluxe Arabesque Islamic wooden box, hand-made, Inlaid with mother of pearl (Square/Cream Liner)

  • Deluxe Islamic box is hand-made with mahogany wood that is worldwide familiar for its hardwood and ability to resist pressure.
  • Rare precious real mother-of-pearl hand-inlaid by our talented and professional artists located at the heart of Cairo.
  • Arabesque, Islamic art, is designed on the box in floral patterns through beautiful geometrical shapes combined.
  • Perfectly suited as a jewelry box to keep your most precious items and it also can fit as a royal culture piece of decoration adding inspiration to your room.
  • Beautiful colorful shiny mother-of-pearl, if you compare between this box and other boxes you will definitely identify the difference.
  • Shop now Egyptian Jewelry box of approximate size of the box, 16 H, 7 W, 5 L Cm.
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Egyptian Jewelry box designed in Deluxe Islamic is hand-made with Master quality mahogany wood that is well known for its strength, beautiful colors and smooth structure and surface. Then the box is hand-inlaid with rare precious mother-of-pearl. Our mother-of-pearl is real colorful and shiny in comparison with other mother-of-pearl in the market. The edges of box are painted with glass dark brown paint that almost fits with most of the furniture. Arabesque art style decorated box with the royal and cultural technique of Islamic art, the mother-of-pearl pieces are trimmed in small geometrical shapes and inlaid in floral patterns. Arabesque style is featured for imitating the natural elements on the stuff such as furniture in obstructs. Islamic artists used their innovation to decorate furniture in this nice and clever way reflecting their own beliefs through their art.  The box is a real special piece for keeping your most precious items inside, either jewelries or other. It can also fit as a piece of decoration that beautifies your room.

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