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Arabesque Deluxe Box, Inlaid with Mother of Pearl (7 H, 5 W, 2.5 L inches)

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5 H, 3 W, 2 L Inches Unique Wooden Handmade Arabesque Box Inlaid with Mother of Pearl

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Deluxe Handmade Arabesque Jewelry Box with Rare Mother of Pearl (5 H, 3 W, 2 L inches)

Arabesque Deluxe Box, Inlaid with Mother of Pearl (7 H, 5 W, 2.5 L inches)

  • Order now our gorgeous Arabesque box, handmade with high-quality, lustrous mahogany wood that is renowned for its smooth surface and deep burgundy color.
  • The box is adorned with delicate artistic ornaments of the Arabesque art style. It is meticulously hand-inlaid with rare precious mother of pearl to create these beautiful geometric shapes and harmonious patterns.
  • Our talented artists work exclusively with natural materials to handcraft gorgeous yet durable pieces of furniture inspired by history and nature.
  • Own your very own royal geometrical box today and add beauty and elegance to any room. Use it to store your most precious items or as an exquisite piece of décor.
  • Features deep royal blue interior lining
  • Dimensions: approximately 7 H, 5 W, 2.5 L inches (18 H, 12 W, 6.5 L cm)
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This stunning handmade mahogany box is hand-inlaid with precious mother of pearl with a unique combination of geometric shapes and floral patterns in the style of traditional Islamic Arabesque mosaic. These harmonious patterns and ornaments are Islamic artists’ interpretation of their natural surroundings. The Arabesque art style emerged in Arab countries but was immensely popular in Egypt. Egyptian artists found inspiration in their natural surroundings. They used to depict natural elements on furniture and other items in geometrical shapes and patterns of circles, triangles, and squares to formulate floral or create patterns in an exquisite abstract way.

Nacre, Mother of pearl shell, is hand-inlaid to create harmonious geometric patterns. It enriches the box with a marble colorful effect. Mother of pearl shell is a natural kind of decoration that is extracted from the biomaterial that forms inside molluscan shells, as well as it makes up the outer coating of pearls. It has multiple uses in architecture, fashion, and musical instruments. The natural Nacre tesserae are cut into small shapes then tinted with any color for decoration.

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