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Buy Anubis Figurines, A Magnificent Alabaster Anubis Box

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Buy Anubis Figurines, A Magnificent Alabaster Anubis Box

  • Purchase now a fantastic replica of an item at least 3500 years old
  • Marvellous Anubis Alabaster funerary urn decorated in blue and with hieroglyphic inscriptions.
  • God Anubis statue represented as a jackal placed on the top of the urn.
  • It comes with the four canopic jars, where the organs (liver, lungs, stomach, and intestine) were placed before mummification.
  • Each canopic jar head is represented by the sons of Horus, the gods Hapy, Imsety, Duamutef and Qebhsenef, responsible for protecting the organs.
  • Handmade product made of alabaster and wax polished for protection.
  • Authentic Egyptian product.
  • Dimensions: 14cm X 10cm X 10cm "
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"Purchase now this beautifully crafted God Anubis alabaster urn and 4 canopic jars within. This is a handmade Egyptian product. The God Anubis, represented on the top of the urn, is one of the oldest and most important Egyptian gods, god of the underworld, and the sons of God Horus represented in the canopic jars' heads were the protectors of the four organs removed from the body before the mummification process. This product is a fantastic piece of decoration that is both original and mysterious, and will make curious anyone who sees it. "
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